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2023 Summer Reading Program
All Together Now

Thank you to all 139+ summer reading participants and our volunteers. "All Together" we had a wonderful summer program with 19 programs, 3060 hours spent reading, and an additional 25,338 pages read!!!!!


Contribute to our sketchbooks. We will have available 2 sketchbooks to borrow. Check one out for 1 week and add your art to go with our theme, "All Together Now" (love, kindness, helping, friendship, community). See what art others have done. Then return the book so your work can be shared and someone else can add to the book. Any mediums, other than glitter, can be used that won't damage the books or make them unusable. Draw, paint, or make a collage. Check one out along with a book on drawing.  This project is modeled on one in Brooklyn, NY. You can view art books in their collection here:

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