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Computer Assistance & Technology Aids

We are excited to offer one-on-one technology/computer assistance.  

However, we are not qualified to repair or fix technological devices.

Computer Assistance

We provide free individual computer assistance on the topics below:


  • Computer Basics (Windows 10)

  • Internet Basics

  • E-Mail Basics

  • Microsoft Word Basics

  • Microsoft Word Advanced

  • Microsoft Excel Basics

  • Microsoft Powerpoint Basics

  • Resumes and cover letters

 Call us at 336-454-4815 for inquiries.

E-Book, Tablet, or I-Pad Help

Due to the many different types of smart devices, tablets, and phones, we are unable to teach these skills in a group setting.



If you need help learning one of these devices, please contact us to set up an appropriate time to receive one-on-one instruction.

How To Videos

For self-teaching, see our instructional "How To" Videos on our Catalog or E-Books & E-Materials website pages for specific E-Book help.

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