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We have a variety of books for young readers.  Our categories include:


  • Board Books: cardboard thick pages for ages birth - 4 years.

  • E/Everybody: picture books &       easy-to-read books for ages 3 and up.

  • Juvenile Fiction: chapter books for grades 1st-5th.

Juvenile Nonfiction

Includes nonfiction materials for all ages covering many subjects.

  • General Juvenile Nonfiction

  • Juvenile Biographies

  • Reference Materials

eBooks for Kids & NC Kids Digital Library

We have many children's books and materials available for checkout using the links below.

Toddler Story Time



Where:  Young Adult Room at                         Jamestown Public Library

 Our Toddler in-person programming is suspended until further notice.

Preschooler Story Time



Where:  Children's Room at                         Jamestown Public Library

Our Preschooler in-person

programming is suspended

until further notice.

Thank you for joining us for Tails and Tales this summer!!! Check back for information on our 2022 Summer Reading Program.



Audiobooks are a great way to introduce new words and stories to your child.


We have audiobooks for both the E/Everybody Fiction & Juvenile Fiction.


eAudiobooks are available for children on our eLibrary for Kids website & NC Kids Digital Library.

Children's Literacy Computer

Our children's computer has fun educational programs and homework reference for children ages 2-12 years old.


Topics & Areas:
  • Reading, Words, & Phonics

  • Writing & Computer Skills

  • Science & Nature

  • Social Studies & Geography

  • Music & Art

  • Math & Problem Solving

  • Reference




We have DVDs available for all ages that include popular animated movies and children's TV shows.


Also, we have "Family" Movies that are rated PG or under and have children as main characters or children themes.

Activity Packs

Activity Packs are themed packs for varying age groups from Toddler to 5th grade.  These packs were created to help increase childhood literacy by encouraging reading and activities.

Activity Packs will not be
             available to check out              until further notice.

Packs include at least the following; some include games and other media:
  • 1 Fiction Book

  • 1 Nonfiction Book

  • A Creative Activity

  • A "Get Real" Activity

  • An Imaginative Activity

  • Activity Supplies

  • Recommended Reads

  • and more!


Activity Packs have a checkout period of 3 weeks.


For more information and to see what is available, please ask a staff member!

Recommended Reading Lists

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These are recommended reading lists for grades Pre-K - 5th grade. We have copies available in our library and through the PDF links below.



Search our Catalog to see which recommended reading materials are available!