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Library Policies

Described below are the general policies of Jamestown Public Library.  

For a complete PDF copy of all library's policies, please use the link below.

Library Cards

Library cards are free to all Guilford County residents 16 years or older.  For out-of-county patrons, there is a one time fee of $25, unless you work in the community (staff will note where employed).


Required to Get Card:

  • Photo ID

  • Proof of current address (ID, piece of mail, etc.)


Minors under the age of 16 can be listed on parent/guardian account with approval and will have lending & borrowing privileges.  


Patron Responsibilities

  • Patrons are responsible for borrowed materials.

  • Parents are responsible for materials borrowed by minors.

  • Patrons are responsible for updating personal information such as addresses emails and phone numbers.


Lending & Borrowing Privileges

Patrons are resopnsible for all borrowed materials on their account by other authorized individuals including minors.


Number of Items

  • 30 items per account may be borrowed at one time.

  • Only 4 of these items can be DVDs.


Patrons cannot check out any library materials (including computers) with outstanding overdue items or fees of more than $3.00.



Materials can be renewed 2 times unless they have been requested by another patron. 


Returns & Drop Box
  • Materials may be returned to the library's front desk or the outside dropbox.

  • Materials returned to the drop box (located in the parking lot) will be received by library staff the following morning.  

  • We ask that DVDs and Audiobooks be returned inside if possible to prevent damage.

Lending Periods

Lending Time

Books & Audiobooks





3 weeks


1 week


1 week

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Anchor 4
Anchor 7
Computer Lab & Internet Use


All patrons using the computer and/or internet must abide by the Computer and Internet Usage Agreement.  Not following the agreement can result in patrons being restricted from using the library public computers indefinitely.


Who can use computers:

  • Patrons with either a library card or an active computer Guest Pass (created at front desk). 


  • Minors ages 13 to 18 who are listed on a parent/guardian account (this assumes parental permission has been given). 


  • Minors ages 12 and younger who are being supervised by a parent/guardian.  (We also have a literacy/educational children's computer available for ages 12 and under).


Patrons that have over $3.00 in fines on their account   WILL NOT be allowed to use the library's public computers.


Time Limits

Unless all computers are full, patrons are allowed to use the computers as long as needed.


If computers are full, the time limit is one hour, with priority given to adults and students doing work.


Computer Software

Library computers are equipped with the following software & applications:

  • Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint,           & Publisher)

  • Internet Browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

  • Adobe Reader

Printing Services


Black & White Copies 


Color Copies


Scanning to Email



Fax: (336) 454-0630

15 cents per page


25 cents per page


25 cents per page


$1.00 per page to send

$0.50 per page to receive

Late Fees & Fines


After items are due, late fees accrue according to the table below per item per day.


After 90 days overdue, items are considered lost and patron will be responsible for lost/replacement fee for each item.


Maximum Late Fee Accrument (Per Item) for Item Types

  • $5.00 for books, audiobooks, and DVDs

  • $1.00 for magazines


Fines can be added onto a patron's account by library staff for: damaged materials, lost items, overdue items, and any printing or other services where payment was not received.

Late Fees

Late Fees

Books & Audiobooks




10 cents per day


25 cents per day


10 cents per day

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