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Computer Lab & Printing Services

Computer Lab & Free Wi-Fi

We currently have 10 computers available for use in our library. Computers are requested at the front desk on a first come, first serve basis.


We also have free wi-fi that can be used throughout our library building. Please note that this is an open network that is not password protected.

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Printing Services


Black & White Copies 


Color Copies


Scanning to Email



Fax: (336) 454-0630

15 cents per page


25 cents per page


25 cents per page


$1.00 per page to send

$0.50 per page to receive

Computer Lab Policies


All patrons using the computer and/or internet must abide by the Computer and Internet Usage Agreement.  Not following the agreement can result in patrons being restricted from using the library public computers indefinitely.


Who can use computers:

  • Patrons with either a library card or an active computer Guest Pass (created at front desk). 


  • Minors ages 13 to 18 who are listed on a parent/guardian account (this assumes parental permission has been given). 


  • Minors ages 12 and younger who are being supervised by a parent/guardian.  (We also have a literacy/educational children's computer available for ages 12 and under).


Patrons that have over $3.00 in fines on their account  WILL NOT be allowed to use the library's public computers.


Time Limits

Unless all computers are full, patrons are allowed to use the computers as long as needed during library hours.


If computers are full, the time limit is 1 hour, with priority given to adults and students doing work.

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Printing & Other Services Policies

Patrons are required to pay for ALL PRINTS made (whether intended or not) before leaving the library.  


  • Please ask for assistance with printing when needed.


  • Please use caution when printing from a website or email (to make sure you do not get extra prints).


All copies and other services listed above are done by a staff member, except for prints made from the public computers.


We accept cash or check for payment.

* To review all of the library's policies, please visit our Library Policy page.

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