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More New Books!

Don’t stop now! Keep on donating new Wish Tree books to our library. We still have a few wishes left.

For the young at heart and the iron of stomach, try Dragons Love Tacos. This picture book gives reasons to feed your dragon tacos, but cautions against giving them hot and spicy food. Can you guess what happens if a dragon’s breath gets too hot?

Andrew Clements wrote another fifth grade pleaser called The Map Trap. The main character was named for a town on a map, had maps decorating his nursery, and had relatives who sent him all sorts of shirts with maps on them. The poor kid had no choice; he loved maps. Unfortunately, his secret folder of maps falls into the wrong hands. The map-napper blackmails him. As in all Clements’ books, there is a satisfying resolution after some funny twists and turns.

Didn’t you always want a pet unicorn? Phoebe has one and has

wonderful adventures with her. Read Unicorn on a Roll by Dana Simpson.

A new animal book for children is Different? Same! Sometimes the similarities are very obvious, like stripes. But sometimes the child has to look hard for things like whiskers or fangs. This is an excellent teaching tool for preschoolers.

A popular biography series are the Who Was…? And Who Are…? books. These small concise information books are perfect for elementary school reports. Our newest one is about the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena. We learn about their growing up years and their rivalries.

James Patterson, prolific author, has another one out, The People vs Alex Cross. In this book, Alex is portrayed as a trigger-happy cop and put on trial for gunning down some enemies. Will the jury think it was self-defense as Alex does?

Nora Roberts is another prolific author with Year One just published. This is a dystopia book where the electric grid fails; the government collapses; and disease decimates the population. Survival is key for Lana and Max who travel west from New York, meeting savages and saviors.

The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope is an odd book. A teenage girl is sent to manage the family farm where she finds a badly burned soldier. He turns out to heal way too fast and not of this earth. This is a love story between human and alien, set during WWII.

Between the Lines is another odd book. Here we have a fairy tale prince in a book and the real life girl who wants him out of the book and into the real world.

Check out our new additions to the collection of Jamestown Public Library.

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