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“I am a chocoholic.” That’s how I would begin at a meeting of CA (not Alcoholics Anonymous but Chocoholics Anonymous.) When my extended family drew names for Christmas gifts, everybody knew what I would put on my wish list. My nephew works for a candy maker in Asheville. I always hope he or his fiancée will pull my name.

When I read that today is “National Cocoa Day”, I planned to celebrate several times. Then I saw that Saturday is “National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day.” I may overdose this week.

The most famous chocolate book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the story of a poor boy who gets to be one of five children to tour a fantastic, edible candy factory and then inherits the whole thing from an eccentric. The first time Roald Dahl’s book was made into a movie, Gene Wilder played Willy Wonka. The remake was darker, with Johnny Depp as the candy man. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is Dahl’s sequel.

Several authors have written murder mysteries with chocolate as the source of the poison or at least in the title. JoAnna Carl wrote The Chocolate Book Bandit where all the library board members are suspects in the murder. All her books have chocolate themes. Diane Mott Davidson is another author who uses chocolate in her titles and her murders. Dying for Chocolate continues the story of Goldie’s catering business in Colorado. Somebody always dies, and Goldie is usually a suspect as well as the one who finds the real killer.

For something unrelated to murder, try A Chocolate Moose for Dinner. Author/actor Fred Gwynne (AKA Herman Munster) comically illustrates a child’s idea of homonyms, like moose and mousse or gorilla and guerilla. Does a shoe tree grow shoes?

Remember King Midas and the golden touch? Well, Patrick Catling used that idea and wrote The Chocolate Touch, in which everything the boy’s lips touch turns to chocolate. If that sounds delicious, as it does to me, think about how often you kiss somebody. I would have two dark chocolate, but yummy, grandchildren and two milk chocolate sons. Other relatives would be in danger too.

Jamestown Library also has some cookbooks with a chocolate touch. Chocolate Box with the sub-title of “indulge in the finest chocolate recipes for serious chocolate lovers” was designed by Fiona Roberts. Kristi Fuller is the editor of A Passion for Chocolate, another cookbook filled with luscious desserts. Try either one for something new at your holiday dinners.

Remember to join us for The Polar Express, a movie based on Chris Van Allsburg’s book. Wear pajamas and enjoy hot chocolate on Saturday morning, at 10:15. Listen for Santa’s reindeer bell. Do you still believe?

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